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Worker Replacing Shingle to Prepare Roof for Spring

5 Important Ways to Prep Your House for Spring

Like many Americans, the changing weather probably has you thinking about giving your home a good spring cleaning. Unfortunately, you’ll need to do more than simply pull the mop out of the closet. Although the winter cold takes the worst toll on your house, spring poses its own set of unique concerns and you will need to prepare your property for the warmer weather. By taking the following five measures to prep your house for spring, you will decrease the chances of an unfortunate disaster happening as temperatures rise moving into the summer months.

Reseal Window Edges

The ice from winter causes window sealant to crack, break, or completely fall away. The expansion that occurs at higher temperatures will further wear away at the integrity of the material. Before the spring showers begin rolling in, reseal the exterior of your windows with a high-quality polymer such as caulk, silicone, or adhesive sealant tape. This will help you avoid potential leaks and also conserve energy when it comes time to crank up the A/C as it will be more difficult for the cool air to escape.

Replace Damaged Screens

What else accompanies spring beside plenty of rainfall? Insects. Spring is the time when millions of insects hatch and emerge from their protective winter homes, and they will be looking for a place to nest. Who doesn’t love the breeze and scent of a cool spring day through an open window? Unfortunately, a torn or damaged window screen will let these insects into your home as you air out your interior and can become a real nuisance. While you have the option of replacing the entire screen,a cheaper option is to purchase mesh screen repair kits online or at your local home-improvement store. Mending the ripped corners or patching small holes in the screens throughout your house is a simple DIY task you can conquer in a single afternoon.

Seal Off Chimney Vent

If you have a traditional fireplace, you will need to seal off your chimney until autumn. Most people think closing the vent is sufficient for sealing the chimney, but this still enables the cool air from the A/C to escape. It also allows birds, insects, and other creatures to make their way into your home. We recommend that you purchase an inflatable chimney-sealant kit. This sealant kit works similar to blowing up a balloon inside your chimney. Not only will this help reduce your electric bill, but it helps keep you from needing to call pest control or having to file an insurance claim for damage resulting from an improperly sealed chimney.

Seal Any Accesses Under Your House

Animals search for nesting areas during spring, and if you have unsealed accesses beneath your home, you could face a mountain of torn insulation, broken pipes, and frayed wiring when small animals begin looking for a place to call “home.” We advise that you check any exterior accesses that lead to your attic as well as the crawl-space beneath your home and seal them off properly to avoid any unwanted house guests from getting too comfortable.

Check for Exterior Roof Damage

The last step in prepping your home for spring is perhaps the most important of all: checking your roof for any exterior damage. If you notice faulty shingles or other areas of concern, you need to consult a roofing company to have the issue repaired immediately. Any roof damage can grow exponentially worse over time when these areas are exposed to heavy rains. If water begins to leak into your attic, it may go unnoticed for a while and can lead to significant mold infestations and structural damage that are both costly and a hassle to repair. We suggest getting ahead of the problem and addressing any external damage right away before these small imperfections grow into greater issues.

Spring is definitely in the air! But before it brings the all-day rainstorms and a whole new generation of baby critters, you’ll need to get your home ready for them. By taking these few simple precautions to prepare your home for spring, you will ensure minor problems do not become huge, costly insurance claims down the line. Happy spring cleaning!

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